"Likewise, Catherine Gomersall’s works on social media are based on true stories and real life interactions. She uses the selfie and lo-fi production to make it easy for people to relate to her and specifically only shares the stories on her personal Facebook and not on a professional artist page. Her audience are “friends”. Her work raises obvious questions about authenticity and inauthenticity, the role of social media in relationships especially around public display of affection, how we curate our personal feeds and what is public and what’s private. Her work borrows some of the ‘pose’ of Cindy Sherman but the character is always Catherine and there is no attempt to make high art photographs as many of her photos are taken with her mobile phone camera. The work is inclusive of public comment and in effect looks more broadly at the role of social media as a platform for group therapy, support and friendship. But one can’t help feel that Catherine is a comic who enjoys making people laugh. Or is she simply taking the piss?"
Excerpt taken from Kevin Wilson's catalogue essay for the group exhibition 'Under Civilization' at Gympie Regional Gallery, celebrating 20 years of the gallery's operation. 
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