There isn’t a one size fits all for a successful communications strategy. There are, however principles, techniques and methodologies that can be utilised by individuals, groups and organisations to achieve their goals.

My clients have benefited from critical and creative thinking and a supportive environment in which to experiment and problem-solve. l help my clients identify their challenges through running intensive workshops and one-on-one consultation programs that have mobilised and empowered people and organisations to achieve their goals.

We can use research, consultation and data analysis to make considered judgements. Then, we can assess the options.

A range of quantitative, qualitative and practice based methodologies are used to develop a communications strategy and deliver outcomes. I use common sense approaches.

I work with people not abstract issues: When you’re in it, you can’t always see what your issue is. I use consultation processes, interviews and surveys to find out what is working well and what needs to improve.

I facilitate communication: I help individuals and organisations find out what motivates their supporters and detractors, and identify steps that can be taken for improvement and growth. In collaboration, I create execution plans and can provide services to support their delivery.

I am technology savvy: I draw on my practical experience working with digital technology to help build better internal and external communications strategies.