The Tinder Project

Online dating can be fun but it can be also a minefield. The proliferation of online dating applications such as Tinder has irreversibly impacted on how contemporary people are thinking about dating, as well as how we behave and treat each other in that context. There are a lot of different ideas about what’s appropriate in terms of approaches to dating, and you are not alone if you are finding yourself feeling confused, frustrated and wasting time with people who are just not for you. My work explores the use of Tinder for seeking out contemporary dating relationships.

One element of the project entailed refreshing my Tinder profile regularly. These profiles can be viewed at my personal Facebook Profile. Feel free to send me friend request to keep up to date with developments of my project.

A book comprised of additional documentary work and written interpretation is currently under development with a view to release in late 2017 or 2018.