MindHive Methodology



MindHive is a start-up, online collaborative policy and strategy construction platform that brings together diverse expertise from the government, university, corporate and NGO sectors. It has been developed by the ten year old Eidos Institute, a non-profit public policy think tank.


  • To explain the MindHive Methodology to licence holders, contributors and prospectives
  • To explain the client lifecycle through a policy or strategy construction
  • To mobilise clients to collaborate and solve problems using the MindHive platforms


  • MindHive is Eidos’ newest offering of their traditional service model, moving away from a roundtable methodology to an online platfrom.
  • MindHive presents a unique opportunity for community collaboration and can therefore requires a communication strategy for each of its market segments.
  • To be successful MindHive requires contribution from volunteers.
  • MindHive has been co-created with input from founding industry partners, and therefore relies on frequent consultation with those organisations and its users.


    • My methodology was immersive and practice based. I worked in the office for three months, servicing the MindHive clients, training users of the platforms, meeting with executive level representatives from stakeholder institutions as well as project officers and contributors.
    • I engaged in one-on-one discussions with the CEO, Account Managers, Communications Staff and interns. I engaged in one-on-one and group discussions with clients to identify their challenges and seek their feedback.
    • I researched the notes and content produced by previous and existing staff.


  • I produced the MindHive Methodology document to help outline the company’s processes. The document seeks to clearly demarcate roles and responsibilities of key operators within the Hive, and provides an overview of the organisation’s methodology.