Lines in the Sand


Lines in the Sand is an environmental arts organisation which holds a yearly festival at Stradbroke Island. Their program of events offers workshops for adults and children and exhibitions by resident artists. Their mission is to preserve the environment, support local indigenous culture, be relevant locally and globally, engage with an online community and invest in ideas, innovation, information sharing.


  • Lines in the Sand aims to strengthen its online presence and broaden its network though promoting its activities.
  • The committee seeks to engage its network to more fully participate in their program and contribute to the culture of Stradbroke Island.


  • Lines in the Sand are a small non-profit organisation run by volunteers.
  • The organisation seeks to provide a platform and opportunity for the diverse interests of the Stradbroke Island community to co-operate. There are competing perspectives on the best approaches to the environment, living, working and doing business in the Stradbroke Island community.
  • Lines in the Sand have limited commercial capacity, relying heavily on government funding, sponsorship and initiatives taken by the organising committee to raise income for its activities.
  • The volunteer committee needs to be extremely resourceful to promote their cause within a very limit budget.


  • I engaged in one-on-one consultations with members of the organising committee, to help them implement a social media contest as an engagement strategy.
  • A recommended course of action was for the group to conduct surveys of local stakeholders to identify commercial opportunities.


  • Since much needs to be done for the group to be able to achieve its desired outcomes, we developed a social media plan, style guide and editorial calendar as guide for volunteers. This document will be used by the team to promote the organisations’ activities, including their Google Mapping Project, which has identified key locations of high cultural and environmental value as well as areas in need of environmental protection.