Helen Yeates

Helen Yeates (2012) 'Do Look Now', Video Installation with bed
Helen Yeates (2012) ‘Do Look Now’, Video Installation with bed

Helen Yeates has been a film and television teacher and researcher at Queensland University of Technology for many years in which she has actively participated and nurtured screen culture and screen production. After retiring from her Lectureship at QUT, Helen needed to find a way to continue her work.

To develop a strategy that would allow Helen to share her rich experience and continue to inspire and motivate others through her work.

As a theorist and lecturer, Helen had not had any previous experience blogging or building websites.

We engaged in practice based research through organising an event, entitled, ‘One Night Stand’ for the Queensland Festival for Photography. In depth one on one discussions, including brainstorming sessions, helped us identify the objectives and challenges.

We built Helen a CV website to keep her engaged in the arts community and able to be found by members of that community seeking her mentorship and guidance on their creative projects.

The video montage work Helen developed as a result of our collaboration, One Night Stand, was shown at the subsequent Brisbane International Film Festival (BIFF) in November 2012. Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) has expressed interest in Helen’s work.

Helen has been self-publishing her monthly blog on film and television as well as personal reflections on a range of social issues and lifestyles.

Note: Helen has recently been awarded the honour of being a “Culture Champion” by Arts Queensland.

Catherine is very talented and super smart. In her field, she is always innovative and ahead of the game, working with great flair, flexibility and attention to detail, both on a macro and micro level. She is highly creative, an excellent communicator, and very gifted in a number of fields, for example digital technology design, creative marketing and photography. She is also a superb ‘people person’, very warm and outgoing. Catherine is like a breath of fresh air to work with, bright, energetic and hardworking.

- Helen Yeates