Creative facilitation

Sometimes being a good communicator is less about what one says or writes, and more about being able to facilitate others to succeed.

I have run several intensive workshops and one-on-one consultation programs that have mobilised and empowered people and organisations to:

  • identify their goals
  • confront their challenges
  • consider their options
  • design, deliver and analyse research
  • develop communication strategies
  • deliver outcomes

Conference for Creative Collaboration

Griffith University’s Queensland College of Art is one of the longest-running art and design colleges offering the widest range of visual art programs in Australia. The college offers courses across visual arts, design, Indigenous art and screen media, and has produced many of Australia’s leading art practitioners.

The purpose of the conference was to create an opportunity for artist researchers to discuss and identify their experiences of working with others and to open up opportunities for cross-disciplinary and trans-media collaboration across sectors. I sought to provide and environment for postgraduate researchers to workshop their research in progress, seek critical feedback and peer review and to open up engagement opportunities in the community.

The participants needed to generate their own budget to be able to complete the project.

Participants engaged in an intensive three day series of workshops including paper presentations, exhibitions and installations, performances and open non-hierarchical discussion sessions.

Beyond the presentation of the exhibition and the benefits to individuals researchers’ personal and professional development, several participants have since moved forward together to produce successful outcomes in research and practice.

It was with great pleasure that I attended Positive Feedback Loop: Conference for Creative Collaboration at Queensland College of Art from November 21-23, 2012. There is a need for thinking about creative research in newer and much more flexible ways than exist within the normal conception of ‘academic’ conferences. Positive Feedback Loop provided a unique platform to engage with creative researching in more organic and imaginative ways. The conferences intent of teasing-out “creative research in-progress” came into play within an interdisciplinary stage. This approach by such a gathering opened unexplored territories and new frontiers that were abundantly evident through the outcomes of the presentations at the conference. Positive Feedback Loop was a most enjoyable and intellectually challenging conference, and I look forward to attending and participating in its next assembly.

- Tanya Visosevic, Artist and Lecturer