BRT Electrical


BRT Electrical provides a customised electrical installation service using first class workmanship and materials. Utilising the latest materials and technologies, BRT specialises in projects that require lateral thinking and a high level of co-operation with clients and the allied trades.


  • To provide BRT Electrical with an opportunity to identify challenges and goals and work toward a strategic plan to achieve their goals.


  • There are many facets and levels of service to BRT Electrical’s loyal client base.
  • BRT Electrical’s specialist services are in very high demand and the company needs to be very organised to meet this demand.
  • BRT’s manager is extremely time poor, and has little time to think about strategic planning for marketing purposes.


  • One-on-one creative consultation
  • Exercises in creative branding
  • Critically reflexive thinking
  • Goal identification
  • Strategic planning exercises


BRT’s owner left his session with me feeling focused and positive about the future of his business. He felt more organised and more clear about the message he was sending clients.

“Cat has provided me with some strategic planning advice that fits my business perfectly. We developed the basis for an ongoing business strategy that will service my long term clients and help develop new opportunities that I have had in my prospects pipeline for too long.
Thanks for the fantastic service!”

- Brett Thiedeke, BRT Electrical