a content strategy needs to be

  • creative
  • strategic
  • organised
  • intelligent
  • well-researched
  • disruptive
  • focused
  • intuitive
  • evidence-based
  • flexible
  • innovative
  • succinct
  • dynamic
  • analysed
  • experimental
  • motivated
  • considered
  • careful
  • sharp
  • inquisitive
  • articulate
  • reflective
  • confident
  • energetic
  • expressive
  • agile
  • compassionate
  • cautious
  • informative
  • adaptable
  • critical
  • provocative
  • challenging
  • contemplative
  • brave
  • competitive
  • pragmatic
  • understanding

About Catherine Gomersall: I am an artist, analyst and communications consultant with diverse experience across the university, government, corporate, non-profit and small business sectors. My life experience is comprised of my projects working with people first. I use data, technology and creativity to achieve results. I provide strategic advice on creative content production and strategy advisory for the virtual world. To extend my life-long career in the arts, in 2013, I founded the new media research project, Disruptor, to explore and support innovative and experimental applications of screen technology. Prior to that, I worked across varied roles in the education sector, in research, administrative, teaching and facilitative roles. I have worked on government funded initiatives and have been successful in applying for grants, awards and scholarships. I have independently developed and delivered several exhibitions and events.

My experience has been creative due to my interest in people, art, design, innovation and technology. Many of my projects have taken place in Perth and Brisbane, however, I have undertaken research and delivered projects in the USA and Europe as well. In 2011, I became a PhD, after completing my project in communications and creative practice-based research. I have received qualifications from Edith Cowan University, Queensland University of Technology and Southbank Institute of TAFE.

My experience working with individuals and groups to develop and deliver projects and communications strategies is extensive. I have experience in practical hands-on project delivery, research design and analysis, marketing and communications, and I have proven strategic outcomes in my work on the Excellence for Research Australia (ERA) initiative for Edith Cowan University.

On the theoretical side, I am analytical and I can be critical and rigorous. On the practical side, I am a people person who has successfully worked independently and in teams, wearing many hats: a producer of content, an artist and curator, a designer and deliverer of training programs, a business owner, a volunteer, an employee and a mentor. I have managed and generated budgets and attracted sponsors to fund independent projects involving several stakeholders.

What makes my skill-set unique is my ability to listen, reflect, provide support and mobilise others to have confidence in their ability to think critically, confront challenges, identify their goals and build positive communities. In this capacity, I can help individuals, groups and large organisations to strategically communicate and achieve what they need.